How to cancel RBL credit card

How to cancel RBL credit card
How to cancel RBL credit card

Welcome to our new post “How to cancel RBL credit card”. If you have RBL credit card, but you no longer want to possess this card, then this blog post will surely help you to cancel your RBL credit card.

If you feel, this card is of no use now, then for avoiding a high yearly charge you should cancel your RBL credit card. Just follow the simple steps given here and cancel your RBL credit card easily.

How to cancel RBL credit card

Canceling an RBL credit card is very easy and you can do it both online and offline. To cancel online you may proceed with the Email option and offline you can cancel your RBL credit card with the help of customer care or by visiting the nearest branch of RBL bank.

Cancel RBL credit card through online

People are getting busy in their lives. Some really lack getting time to visit the bank for any assistance. So online service is the best option for these people. The RBL credit card customer who doesn’t need this card anymore can request the RBL bank through Email for requesting to cancel RBL credit card.

Send email to [email protected] for RBL credit cards and to [email protected]¬†for RBL super cards with your card details such as Cardholder name, credit card number, Expiry date, and your personal information with a reason for canceling RBL credit card.

How to mail for to cancel RBL credit card:

If you are confused what and how to write mail to RBL bank for cancelling RBL credit card, then just copy paste the following in respective field of your compose mail.

Sub: Request to cancel my RBL credit card- (Last 4 digit of your credit card number)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to personal reasons, I dont need the RBL credit card. Hence I request you to cancel my credit card and the linked card number (Your 16 digit credit card number) with immidiate effect.

The last transaction that I made on this card was at (Your last transaction with merchant for example amazon, petrol pump etc) on (last transaction date) for an amount (Rs.Your transaction amount). Till date, I have cleared all the payments made with this card.

Further details of the card:-

Card holder name

16 digit card number

Expiry date

Further I request you to send me confirmation letter that my credit card account has been closed.

Thank you.

Your name


Cancel RBL credit card through offline

The offline options include Calling customer care and visiting the nearest branch.

Customer Care:

Dail the RBL credit card customer number 022-62327777 or 022-71190900 (for RBL super card). Ask the customer care executive to close your RBL credit card. They may ask you the reason and may try to sort out your issues. If you have decided to close the credit card then request for the same. You have to share your card details to validate your identity and ownership of the card. After that they will initiate your credit card cancellation.

Visiting the nearest branch:

If you have time and want to do an instant cancellation of your RBL credit card, then visit your nearest branch and talk to an executive. They will guide you what to do next. As per my experience, he/she will ask you to submit a letter requesting to cancel your RBL credit card. You will have to submit your credit card, which should be cut diagonally. You will also be required to submit an identity proof to authenticate your ownership of the card.

When you request for closing your credit card by any one of these methods, bank executive will check your details and will verify if you have any outstanding dues or not. If all your payments are cleared, then the process of closing your card will be commenced.

Important to know

You must ensure that you don’t have any outstanding amount to be paid before applying for credit card cancellation.
If you have been offered any redeem points or rewards, reedem it before cancellation, otherwise all the reedem points will be invalid after cancellation of credit card.
Cancelling your credit card may effect your credit score.

FAQs related “How to cancel RBL credit card”

  1. What is the RBL credit card customer care number?

    You can reach customer care of RBL credit card on 022-62327777 andfor RBL super card dail on +91 22 7119 0900

  2. Can I use reedem points after canceling my RBL credit cards?

    No, after cancellation, your all remaining rewards will be invalid. Ensure to reedem your rewards before applying for cancelllation of RBL credit card.

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