About Us

I am SPM, the owner of the “Odisha Loan” blog. I am from Odisha and this blog is related to loan guidance. So I have named it as OdishaLoan.com

Purpose of OdishaLoan.com

In Odisha, there are needy people who require loans for any reason but are unaware of how to get them. So they easily get trapped by agents and scammers and lose their own hard-earned money. Our intention is only to provide information about different types of loans and their eligibility criteria. We also provide detailed step to step guide of ‘How to Apply for Loans’.

About me

I am an Electrical Engineer. I had completed my engineering with the help of a study loan. From that time I grow interest to know more about loans. I have also given guidance to many individuals on how much loans should be taken and the advantages and disadvantages of loans. Through this blog, I can help more people who need information about loans.


Do we need to pay any charges to access ‘OdishaLoan.com’?

OdishaLoan.com is completely free for all. We only provide the right information about loans, which may help you in an emergency situation. Browse OdishaLoan.com to know more details.