What is unbilled amount in Credit Card

credit card
credit card

Sometimes you may be confused by seeing an unbilled amount on your credit card and you may have doubt “what is unbilled amount in credit card”.

Well, the unbilled amount is not any extra charges. Unbilled amount is that transaction, which is transacted after your monthly bill is generated.

Your credit card bill is generated as a credit card statement. In credit card statements, your outstanding amount appears, which should be paid with in due date.

The transactions made by you after the day on which your credit card statement is generated, will appear as unbilled bill. Because that amount is not generated as a bill yet. This unbilled amount will appear as an outstanding bill on the next generated bill. Before that, it is called as unbilled amount.

Know Unbilled Amount with simple Example

Let you are using an HDFC credit card. Your credit card statement is generated on the 18th of every month. Then here, your billing cycle is 18th of the previous month to 17th of the current month. And your due date maybe 5th of the next month.

When your bill is generated on 18th of the month, you might be continuing your shopping and purchasing by credit card. Those transactions made on the 18th and after the 18th appear as unbilled amounts. On next billing, these amounts will appear as outstanding bills to be paid.

The unbilled amount includes the transactions made between the 18th of the current month and the 17th of the next month.

If you feel like you are overspending your credit card, then you should have a look on your unbilled amount to avoid a large outstanding bill.

Your unbilled amount includes any credit and debit amount, cashback, reversals, and etc (any type of transactions made after bill generated).

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