You can easily remove credit card from CRED App

If you have ever used CRED app for paying your credit card bill, then your credit card details is already saved in CRED server.

If you are going to delete CRED app, or want new CRED account, you should remove your credit card from CRED

If you want to remove your credit card from CRED but don't find any option for it. then follow our guide to do it easily.

Steps: – Open CRED mobile App. Go to the “Profile” section in the left top corner.

– A list of menus appears under “Quick Action“. The menus are “support, manage account, payment history, payment settings, manage addresses, terms & conditions, etc”.

– Tap on “Support“. – Then click on “need more help” option under support. – A chatting interface will appear. Select “other issues“.

– Choose the option “other account issues“. – Then tap on the option “Delete account or card“.

– Now two options will appear i.e. “Delete account“, and “Delete card“. Select “Delete card” option. – On the next screen, it will connect you to a customer specialist.

– The customer specialist of CRED may try to convince you not to do so, but if you want to remove it, then he will ask for your authorization and confirmation to delete your credit card.

– Then your credit card will be removed from CRED successfully.

There are another easy way also to remove credit card. For that procedure click bellow.