This is how you can protect yourself from Credit Card theft

Keep eyes on Unauthorised transaction

Keep checking your transaction details. If any unauthorized money is deducted, then contact your bank immediately.

Protect your physical credit card

Scammers can easily fraud using physical card. So protect your credit card being stolen. If you lost , block it.

Never share your OTP

90% fraud happens by using your OTP.  Never share your OTP with any one, who claims to be a bank official.

Protect your card details

Never save your credit card details with any fraud apps. Use credit card in trusted apps and website also.

Never click on any link of EMail

Credit card fraudsters send offer links in email. if you click on link, they track your card details from your browser.

Know important fact of your credit card

If you are a credit card user, know  how to activate it.? How to block it? How to pay bills? How to increase credit limit?

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