Here is the way You can protect yourself from scams of Loan Apps.

There are more than 500 Loan Apps on Google play store. But not all are genuine.

Due to unsafe and security issue, play store has removed more than 200 such fake LOAN Apps.

Loan apps provides instant loan range from Rs.1000 to Rs. 5lakh instantly without paper work &  running to banks.

But sometime you may be scammed due to fake loan apps available in the market. So check all this before selecting your loan App.

Check if the Loan App is NBFC registered under RBI regulatory?

Ensure your mobile loan app has an official website. If not then be careful, this app is not the right one.

Check the customer support and the office address of the loan app. If you don't find any , then don't take any loan from that app.

Check the rate of interest, processing fee, late fine, and enquire about hidden charges before taking any loan.

Before applying for loans, check the online review of that loan app.

Here are some trusted NBFC registered loan apps given bellow. Check out bellow.